Services & Benefits

WorldPath offers the finest services and benefits through its exclusive network of hospitals and physicians

Life-saving stories

Some of the hundreds of WorldPath life-saving stories

Healthcare Partners

WorldPath offers the best network of hospitals and physicians in the world

Travel Support

Our travel coordinator is a specialist in the needs of the international patient. Click here to find out more.

Other support services:

  • 24 hour support, 365 days/year
  • Detailed treatment plans to limit lengths of stay
  • On-going communication with family and local physicians
  • Attention to details of charges
  • Air Ambulance - fully equipped and fully staffed
  • Premier hotels - booked through WorldPath
  • In-hotel medical and nursing follow up at affiliated hotels
  • Second opinion services
  • Embassy letters for visa applications

Welcome to WorldPath

WorldPath is the oldest, most experienced, most exclusive, and most trusted international healthcare company in the world. WorldPath Health has served hundreds of grateful patients from over 40 different countries.

WorldPath Health provides access to the best healthcare available anywhere in the world in a caring, compassionate, and culturally sensitive fashion.

WorldPath maintains an international network of recognized medical experts in all aspects of healthcare and active association with top tier medical institutions and facilities in The Untied Sates and throughout the world.

WorldPath provides:

  • Immediate Access to the World’s Best Healthcare
  • With
    • Excellence
    • Compassion
    • Cultural sensitivity
  • Peace-of-mind - the best healthcare for
 you and your family